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New Server - eplanet.fr4g.com Posted by: noog
Posted On: 20.05.2003
We have added a new server to the network from ePlanet Servers. Also two new operators, Nick and Jake have joined the network.

We hope this will be an invaluable addition to our network and community.

battlefield 1942: DesertCombat 0.3 Alpha released Posted by: noog
Posted On: 03.04.2003
This much awaited update for desertcombat will be released on Saturday..


Version .3M 3-30-2003
Adjusted Bomb Strength on SU-25 and A-10 some more
Reverted Mig29
Made Planes rockets slightly stronger
Increased number of rockets soldiers have
Increased strength of AT rockets.

Version .3L 3-30-2003
Added Bocage Day 2 and Day 3
Fixed AC-130 AI bug
Increased power of ZPU
Lowered power of SU-25, Harrier and A-10 bombs
Changed Sandbags from Heavy Gunner to Assault

Version .3k 3-29-2003
Added the ability to create sandbag walls with Heavy Assault
Allow mortar to be place in second story buildings
Fixed shotgun strength, after 20 units it is ineffective
Fixed SU-25 strength againts helicopters
Fixed exploding spawns

Version .3j 3-26-2003
Changed ID of Heli's to strong planes, should stop people from Ramming, but will be weaker against small arms fire
Added Shotguns for both US and Iraq Troops
Fixed Mortar, now it should be fully depolyable
Added El_Alamein_Day_2, no planes
Fixed Market Garden
Fixed Omaha Beach
Updated Hind physics
Updated Apache Physics
Made M-109 and M-1974 armor stronger
Added water waked for M-1974
Fixed Scud sounds and rocket position
Fixed AC-130 Loadmaster in Co-op

Version .3e - .3i 3-20-2003
Added Harrier
Added AC-130 (Pilot position fire, move camera to see out left window, 6th positon opens and closes back door)
Added A-10_B with SnakeEye Bombs
Added SU-25 with AS-7 bombs
Added SCUD
Added 6 new classes (Support, Spec ops, Heavy Gunner, Sniper, Assault, AntiArmor)
Added Mortar
Added new Mp5
Added AK7-SU
Added C4
Added New Landmines
Added Sucide Bomber
Changed Axis, Allies to Opposition/ Coalition
Decreased F16 and Mig's ability to kill ground targets
Decreased A-10's splash Damage
Decreased planes abilities to destroy boats
Fixed Humbee Steering
Made M-1974 Amphibious
Tweaked Hind manuverabilty
Fixed LOD and Wreck model on most vehicles
Fixed Collision meshes, game should be faster now, no AC-130 collag.
Added new Mp5 sound
Added Rightclick , call artilary mode to AC-130 from cockpit
Added Proximity fuse on AMRAAM ROckets,more effective against planes

Version 0.3d 2-20-2003

Added "Call Artilary" to Pilot and Co-Pilot of UH-60, Fire button initiates.
Added the ability to add call artilary to any controlable object
Added Bradley Interior, will not hold 4 more people
When in positions 3/4 in Hind, Hatchup/HatchDown will open the doors
Made M-1974 Amphibious
Added UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter with 3 passenger positions and a minigin position
Added Minigun Stationary Weapon (not used anywhere except BlackHawk
Added Hind Helicopter
Added M-1974 Mobile Artilary
Added M-109 Mobile Artilary
Added US and Iraq Mortars (will be deployabe by medics)

Download Links:


This post will be updated with the *official* installer on saturday when it is released.

(Please note, we cannot be held responsible for the effects this patch might have on your computer, use it at your own risk!)

Join the forums! Posted by: noog
Posted On: 18.03.2003
Why not check out our forums here

they're cram packed with people with such interesting tales to tell icon_surprised.gif)

you seek wisdom.

Quick Connect Guide Posted by: noog
Posted On: 12.03.2003
I have written a quick connect guide.

If you are new and want to know how to connect to the fr4gNET IRC network then please please please click the link below icon_smile.gif

Link : Quick Connect Guide for mIRC

that is all.

New Server - euphoria.fr4g.com Posted by: noog
Posted On: 24.02.2003
As announced earlier, We've added another new server to our network..

euphoria.fr4g.com joins us from California in the United States, fr4g.com is now officially global!

Well done to all involved..

*pats himself and loza on the back*
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New Server - hub.eu.fr4g.com Posted by: noog
Posted On: 24.02.2003
We've added a new server to the network, The server is located in Holland on the XS4ALL network. At the moment the server is just a test-link, If our routing department and server staff accept the link It will be added to the round robin...

We are also working on adding a server from the United States to our network, since americans now make up a sizeable chunk of the network traffic.

mIRC servers.ini Posted by: noog
Posted On: 04.02.2003
the mirc servers.ini was updated on the 27th January, and Khaled has added a large list of less well known IRC networks, including ourselves!...

well done!

You can download the updated servers.ini from here:

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Downtime - nemesis.fr4g.com Posted by: noog
Posted On: 04.02.2003
we have taken nemesis.fr4g.com out of the network map temporarily for much-needed software and hardware upgrades.. We expect this server to return on the evening of the 3rd of February (Tuesday)

The network will continue to remain stable during this upgrade, and all users are requested to use our irc network on irc.fr4g.com:6667


New Server - doosh.fr4g.com Posted by: noog
Posted On: 16.01.2003
Another server has joined our IRC network to help manage the load, it has now been added to the round robin.. enjoy!

Network name change Posted by: noog
Posted On: 16.01.2003
we are proud to announce that fr4gUK have become fr4gNET.. with our new network name we hope to appeal to a much wider audience. we felt that our old name implied that we only accepted clients from a UK country which of course is not true..

Well, that's the exciting news of the week...

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